6 short poems for children of 2, 3 and 4 stanzas. Nursery rhymes

6 short poems for children of 2, 3 and 4 stanzas. Nursery rhymes

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Bring your children closer to poetry! The verses will stimulate the imagination and creativity of your little ones but, in addition, it will teach them new vocabulary and invite them to work on their memory a little. With poetry children can delve into emotions and feelings ... and they will have a great time!

So in Guiainfantil.com we have made a small compilation with short poems for children that have 2, 3 and 4 stanzas. Enjoy them as a family!

First of all, we propose some very funny verses that pose a somewhat bizarre situation. Can you imagine what would happen if the sun and the moon went on vacation? Who would accompany us when we got up and who when we went to sleep? In poetry, as in children's minds, anything can happen ... Let the imagination of the little ones fly!

Today the sun is cloudy

and i heard the snail

than they go on vacation

But they can't go!

-soon the earth protests-

they immediately answer him.

Everyone needs

your vacation days

and although it is not in the contract

those are the conditions.

We leave a substitute

that will do our functions well,

and they went on a trip

by other constellations.

The protagonist of this poem is a dancing ogre who enjoys moving to the rhythm of music. These happy verses can encourage you to put on some music and move your skeleton. Dancing is an excellent exercise for improve children's psychomotor skills, as well as his ability to keep up with the music. In addition, they will have a lot of fun both dancing freely with you and inventing a choreography.

A very big big ogre

he heard from his cave,

and went out to dance with her.

He had so much fun, so much

he had such a good time, so good

that every time it rang

The grateful music

also danced with the ogre

and everyone around

they looked at them in amazement.

They danced day and night

they never never got tired

dancing, dancing a lot,

happy his life passed.

This short poetry, only two stanzas, can inspire your child to make a nice drawing. Read the poem a few times and then ask him to paint the story the verses tell. Although it is very likely that the little one adds details from his imagination, this game will help him practice his reading skills, since he will have to pay attention to what he has read.

To know the world,

is going to visit an island,

like every spring.

Follow the wake of a ship

and although it does not have a ticket,

he leads her to the island

Have you ever tried the game of footprints? It is a lot of fun and also teaches children other animals that they may not yet know. You just have to search the internet for some photos of footprints that some animals have left in the sand or other surfaces (a bird, a snake, a dog, a horse ...). Print the pictures and show them to your children. Will they be able to guess who owns each of the footprints?

reached the seashore,

by the footprints of the sand

I know then he went to fly.

Because behind their tracks,

running I went behind

and although I looked at the sky soon,

I couldn't find it anymore.

We propose you some cheerful and funny verses that they talk about empathy and respect. If your child is a bit noisy at home and you are always asking him to lower the volume so as not to disturb the neighbors, you can feel identified with the little bird. In the end, he puts himself in the shoes of his friends and decides to change dance ... What do you think your son will do?

On the edge of a roof

believing himself Fred Astaire

He taps up the tiles.

He likes to tap dance

jump all over the place,

the angry neighbors

'You can't tap dance

you make noise on the roof,

your heels bother us

Go dance elsewhere! '

The tap shoes,

for the meshes has changed,

and with new shoes

ballet dances enthusiastically.

Talking about death to children can be very difficult, but stories and poetry can help us. On this occasion, these verses talk about the penalty of the mountain before the death of a mountaineer.

The mountain is in mourning

every fold of your body

remember your partner.

They shared their secrets

his loves and adventures,

and he took it all

with him to the grave.

Down the slopes her tears

rivers of water are leaving,

they seek comfort in the sea.

If you want to continue reading such beautiful verses, in our site we have many more short poems specially written for the little ones in the house.

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