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The successful method to calm the baby's crying at night

The successful method to calm the baby's crying at night

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He crying baby It is something that greatly disturbs parents, but it is inevitable and even necessary, since it is the only way we have to communicate with the baby. Through crying we know if the child is hot or cold, if he is hungry or if he has wet his diaper or has made himself home. But what to do when the crying is constant and uncontrollable? How to calm the baby's crying at night?

He crying baby it upsets the little one and makes the parents despair. This cry usually occurs later in the day, when the child is most tired. He may even be sleepy, but he can't sleep because he is upset. What do we have to do in this chaos? Reassure you and calm their crying.

To do this, on this occasion, we are going to talk to you about Harpey Karp's American pediatrician method, which consists of trying to reproduce the baby's environment that he had in the womb and that allowed him to be relaxed and sleep better.

Karp explains that this situation of alteration is due to the fact that babies are born 3 months before other mammals such as horses or elephants do, and that makes them feel defenseless. More time in the mother's womb could be the solution, but since that is not possible, the pediatrician has devised this method Inspired by mothers living in the Kalahari desert.

- Clothe him so that he is subject
To wrap it properly, wrap your arms tight, straight to the sides, but allow your hips to loosen and flex. Use a large square blanket, which covers the back of the baby's head. Very important: Babies should not be swaddled all day, only during the time we want to calm them down or go to sleep!

- Lay the baby in a lateral and / or stomach position
To avoid sudden death, it is recommended that babies sleep on their backs or sides, but never on their tummies. Instead, to calm a possible crying of the baby due to colic or any other circumstance, place it on your arm in this position. Let your hand touch his face or, well, his stomach.

- Make soft sounds
Contrary to what many parents believe, babies do not need total silence to sleep. In the uterus, the sound of blood flow is perceived as a hissing louder than a vacuum cleaner, hence desperate parents put this appliance to try to put the baby to sleep. Others, on the other hand, with the baby in their arms, are placed near the washing machine or the kitchen hood. And, another simpler solution that Harpey Karp gives us, to emit soft noises like shhhhh ...

- rock it
Do you remember when you were pregnant? What was the time when the baby was most restless and accelerated? At night, when you were calmer; instead, during the day, your constant activity kept him asleep, relaxed and calm. Slow rocking is perfect for keeping calm babies calm. Quick and small movements, meanwhile, are great for soothe the plain baby and get sweet dreams.

- Suction
Lastly, sucking is known to relax little ones a lot, whether through breastfeeding, the use of a pacifier, or the baby's own finger. To keep the baby relaxed, it is advised that at the end of this process there is a brief period of skin-to-skin contact and that the breast is offered or, those who use it, put on the pacifier. In this way, you will lengthen the state of relaxation and sleep longer at night.

Ready to start implementing this successful method of calming the baby's crying and, with which, according to its creator, the child will sleep between one and three hours extra each night? Here are some extra tips to guarantee its success:

- Start doing it when the baby is one or two weeks old.

- Never use a thick blanket to wrap it or keep it warm.

- The practice of wrapping them should only be done up to four months, at which point the little ones begin to turn over on their own.

- Perform this routine for one or two weeks, from that moment you will begin to notice results.

Without a doubt a method that will calm and calm the baby and that will make his parents happier!

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