How to educate children who are too demanding of themselves

How to educate children who are too demanding of themselves

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Parents tend to be stressed every day by all the chores that must be finished before night falls, in addition to and of course, fulfilling work and family obligations. This means that parents see childhood as a worry-free time where all that matters is playing and having fun.

But there are children who may experience some degree of stress because they demand too much of themselves, children that the fact of going to school or interacting with others can generate pressure because they want to give their best and show parents and teachers, as well as their classmates that they can really do everything .

These kids who demand too much they are really having a hard time because always wanting to show the maximum and demanding too much can cause anxiety, that is why as a parent you must protect your children and teach them to face situations in a healthy way.

Here are some tips to help your child If you see that responsibility and self-demand is causing stress or anxiety:

1. When a child demands too much it is likely to act with some concern so you will have to improve communication and know what is happening to it. Help him put his emotions into words and let him know that you are by his side and that you care about his concerns, without criticism or judgment.

2. It is also important that in this communication you learn to listen to your child, let him explain what happens to him and shows interest, patience, and understanding. Don't judge him for wanting to do things right, just make him see that you don't need to be so stressed out about pushing yourself too hard.

3. Children who demand too much tend to have Low tolerance to frustration because they don't want to make mistakes and feel failure. This makes it really important that parents teach children to learn from mistakes, to see mistakes as something positive and as an effective learning method, to do things better a second time.

4. It is also very important limit stress to which your child may be subjected at times when he is demanding too much, either at home or at school. If you think that your child is beginning to suffer from anxiety for this reason and has too many school activities, it may be necessary to limit them so that he can spend more time being a child, learning, making mistakes and interacting with others.

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