10 gifts for children's First Communion

10 gifts for children's First Communion

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Original gifts for boys and girls in their First Communion


First Communion dolls have always been a great success, especially among girls. It can be a traditional, plastic or even porcelain doll. One of the most modern and fun trends are these cork dolls, which can be personalized with the features of the girl or the boy, and are ideal to decorate your room.

A digital camera is a good First Communion gift, which also offers a wide variety of possibilities, from the simplest compact cameras to those more complex and with accessories, depending on the age and interest of the child. So you can take photos of the big day and create your own photo album to remember this day.

If you are not sure what the child's tastes are, or you prefer that they have freedom of choice, a good alternative is to tip them as a First Communion gift, an increasingly popular option. It is also a good way to teach them to be responsible with money and learn to save, a value that they should begin to know.

There is a gift that will conquer all children who love technology: video consoles. You can collaborate with several family members to buy the child a Play Station, Wii or Xbox, or opt for a portable console such as the PS Vita or the Nintendo DS, which can also be chosen in different colors. If you also include a video game, it will undoubtedly become their favorite gift.

Watches have given way to mobile screens when it comes to checking the time, but that does not mean that they are out of fashion. A beautiful watch is an ideal complement that children will appreciate as a First Communion gift. You can opt for a classic style or take a risk with more original models.

There are original gifts and there are others that never go out of style. Bikes fall into that category, and year after year they continue to be at the top of First Communion gifts. A bicycle is the perfect gift for a child on this special occasion: a gift of great value and usefulness that will also be able to be used for years.

The great trend in gifts are tablets, both for children and adults. An electronic device that children can make the most of to study and play, we can choose the popular iPad, a Samsung or another of the many brands that offer tablets, some even special for children. For the most readers, the electronic book is also an excellent option.

The First Communion book is another classic of this party, and a gift that cannot be failed. It is a cute and original way for the child to write down their own party favors, and even include their favorite photos. You can choose from many book models of different sizes and styles, from traditional to modern.

A very special gift that never fails are engraved medals and bracelets, or a reminder rosary. The dedication usually includes the child's name and the date of the First Communion, but a special phrase may also be included. For girls, a slightly different option can be some simple and beautiful earrings.

A growing trend is to give away the First Communion suit or dress. This is a relief for parents, since they tend to have a high price for the family finances that adds to the expenses of the party. In addition, it is a good occasion to spend time with the child while choosing a dress or suit to his liking.

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