Cardboard snowman to decorate for Christmas

Cardboard snowman to decorate for Christmas

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In most countries, the Snowman It is considered a symbol of Christmas and Winter for many and is the main protagonist, along with Santa Claus, of the Christmas postcards that arrive at homes congratulating Christmas. Children love crafts, which they can develop both by themselves or as a family. They have fun and entertain themselves and, at the same time, develop their imagination and fantasy.

In Christmas, the doors, walls and windows are decorated. In addition to the typical Christmas decorations, Santa Claus, the Bethlehem, the Magi, bells, angels, etc. These holidays it would be good to decorate the house with your own elaborations made with the collaboration of the smallest of the house.

Guiainfantilproposes to the little ones to make a homemade snowman to suit each one of them, all this in a simple way and explained step by step. However, children can develop this craft, always under the careful observation of an adult. An ideal opportunity for parents and children to make their own snowman to decorate the house for Christmas.

  • Corrugated cardboard white and other color
  • 4 small buttons
  • 2 plastic eyes
  • red felt
  • A piece of cloth
  • a fine loop
  • a stick
  • Hedge twigs
  • Glue and scissors

1- Draw some thin cardboard templates with the snowman's body, legs, head and shoes. With the help of these templates, draw the doll on the corrugated cardboard, as can be seen in the photo.

2- Cut out the drawing and glue the shoes to the legs. Cut three strips of 3 centimeters long and 1.5 wide from the piece of fabric. Use these strips to glue one between the head and the torso and the other two between the torso and the legs.

3- Cut two squares of fabric and stick them with some buttons on the belly. Then cut two little squares a little smaller and stick them on top of the shoes, with a bow and a button on top.

4- Glue on the moving eyes and the nose, which can be done with a felt circle.

5- Make a hat and a scarf with the felt. Glue the hat to the head of the snowman.

6- With the twigs of the hedge you have to make a broom and stick it in your hand. Put the scarf around the doll's neck and the snowman is ready! Now you just need to find a corner of the house to decorate it with this Christmas craft.

Proposal sent by Elisa Polo, Crafts teacher - Brussels

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